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Cantillon: Musty Lemons, Cobwebs, and Coolships

Our more knowledgeable beer friends mention Cantillon in the hushed tones of children peering over the banister on Christmas morning: a place and product sprinkled in magical dust.  Cantillon produces the best Lambic beers in the world. Walking down an unkempt street in southwestern Brussels, a sharp morning gust whipped magazine clippings and dirty napkins up on cresting waves.  We turned right, leaving the haggard block behind; one hundred feet beyond the turn, bottles awaited on pallets behind the open cargo hull of a delivery truck. The recumbent, guzzling jester of Cantillon branded each bottle and hung from a sheet metal punch-out above the door. The place appeared closed but the door opened.

Framboise in the Park

Our first full day in Brussels turned into quite a success.  It was nice to not rush anywhere or worry about filling up the parking meter or driving all day.  The only determined activity was jazz and drinks at La Brocante - an iconic, old Brussels beer bar with a decent breakfast and lunch menu and fairly extensive beer list, long on Geuze and Kriek.  Sara waited for a table to open as I went to draw cash from the ATM down the street - long line, getting longer by the minute.  I returned to Sara drinking a Saison Dupont.  A moderate wind passed through the patio drenched in sun carrying spritz of rain drops from somewhere far away.  It was faint but enough for most everyone to look confused towards the bright sky blue.  We sat in wicker chairs sewed in a Parisian inspired shape - not surprising for a city speaking French first.  A gypsy jazz ensemble strung together from different corners of the street into a band of sorts for the hour.