Sam & Sara

We love beer and travel: why would we not combine the two and start a brewpub after an epic beer drinking trip around the globe? Our journey began in 2013 at a English Pub in Florence, Italy.  With walls and ceiling covered in permanent marker and floors stained a deep Guinness black, the place oozed lust rather than love.  Despite the contrast between the place and our experience, a fleeting glance while walking out the door developed into much more.  A romantic would call it serendipitous. Eight months later we were both moving from opposite ends of the world to Washington State, a state steeped in passion for good craft beer.  Inevitably, our love for beer flourished. 

Sam grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  Rebellious and fostering a love for beer during his teenage years (usually consisting of Natural Ice and, if lucky, Coors Light), he went to college at a place that provided very little time for such casual and "distracting" endeavors: West Point. Graduation culminated in a commission as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army followed by six years of traveling and deploying around the world. Needless to say, he was ready to settle down in the U.S. until a firecracker came along and easily swayed him otherwise. 

Sara was born and raised in greater Chicago. She didn’t spend much time outside of Illinois growing up, and her first trip abroad at 22 years old to Italy would change that, after meeting Sam. Sara graduated from Loyola University in Chicago and pursued a career in Marketing. She worked in hospitality a majority of her life and fell in love with bartending while in college. 

In our mid 20’s we realized fairly quickly that the "9 to 5" conventional career path was not for us. Two summers ago we decided to quit our jobs and bartend at beer bars until we had enough money for a trip around the globe.

July 2017 we moved our apartment into a storage unit and consolidated our necessities into our backpacks. We began with a road trip around the United States backpacking the Rocky Mountains and Sierras for nearly three months. It was a challenging yet rewarding summer, witnessing first-hand the beauty of the American West. 

In October 2017 we left the USA and headed to Mexico as our first stop. We spent a year meeting with brewery owners and head brewers throughout Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile and then headed to Europe where we spent a month in Belgium, and the remaining four months traveling through Germany, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. We arrived back to the USA in late September last year, and we've been finalizing business plans since.

We are incorporating the cultural influences we loved into our future brewpub program which we plan to open Atlanta early 2020.